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Designed based on scientific research for your menstrual comfort.

  • Help alleviate period pain naturally

    Take a daily pack of Period Essential Nutrient Harmony for one cycle to experience the full benefits. You may start taking this 4 to 5 days before your period to notice an improvement, serving as a natural remedy.

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  • Help ease PMS and mood swings naturally

    Take a daily pack of Period & Mood Harmony for one or cycles to experience the full benefits. You may notice improvement after 2 or 3 weeks.

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  • Support hormone balance naturally

    Take Period Hormone Harmony for one or two cycles. You may notice improvement after 3 weeks.

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  • Support digestive health and comfort

    Take Period Digest Harmony for one or two cycles to experience the full benefits. You may start taking this 5~7 days before your period to notice an improvement, serving as a natural remedy.

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  • Support peaceful relief from anxiety naturally

    Self massage with the Rose Roll-on, Meditation Roll-on, or Clary Sage Roll-on to support your peace and relaxation.

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  • Help ease acne

    Apply MenstrEaze Tea Tree Roll-On as an easy solution to manage skin blemishes and other skin problems.

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MenstrEaze Care Program

AI-Assisted Programs offer personalized remedy strategies.

MenstrEaze Care Program

The Best Personalized Period Program

Experience unparalleled menstrual comfort with our Personalized Care Program Membership. Harnessing the latest in AI and scientific research, we offer a comprehensive suite of customized strategies and remedies designed to ease menstrual discomfort and enhance your well-being.

Sign up for free and unlock your personalized care assistant.

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MenstrEaze Featured Bundles

Designed for diverse age groups and various situations, our kits streamline the management of monthly discomfort for most women.

  • Female Student

    Student with cramps seeking study focus

    StudentEaze bundle features a natural pain relief supplement and three essential oil roll-ons to enhance mood, improve focus, and manage acne.

  • Woman 20s-30s

    Women 20-30 need relief from cramps and work stress

    20s-30s Period Comfort Bundle includes a natural pain relief supplement and three essential oil roll-ons, easing work and life stress.

  • Working Woman

    Office women in repetitive roles seek relief and efficiency

    OfficeEaze Bundle offers lavender, peppermint, and rose roll-ons, crafted for soothing comfort and office use. Ideal for quick self-massage, they ensure fast and efficient relief.

  • Women Over 40

    Women 40+ seek support for mood, gut, and hormonal health

    The 40+ Mood, Hormone, and Gut Enhance Bundle includes supplements for hormonal balance and mood improvement, along with enzymes and probiotics for digestive comfort.

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Are you backed by science?

In developing our products, we analyzed thousands of academic studies and over a million real-world comments regarding menstrual health. Explore all related research on Publication Portal.

Why you’ll love MenstrEaze?

Menstrual health is intricately connected to one's lifestyle choices. Often, there are various lifestyle factors that could aggravate menstrual symptoms, but these might not be readily apparent or could be challenging for women to discuss and manage.

MenstrEaze, built on decades of research and scientific publications on menstrual health, is renowned for its trustworthy, knowledgeable, and convenient personalized approach.

Our solution emphasizes identifying potential triggers to avoid and encourages beneficial practices, all while promoting an achievable and improved lifestyle.

Should I trust MenstrEaze?

Originating from Silicon Valley, it is led by a team of experts, including computer scientists, researchers, and health professionals.

The service is distinguished by its female founder, who has personal experience with dysmenorrhea and has significantly influenced the development of its technology and offerings.

How long until MenstrEaze starts working?

For optimal results, MenstrEaze recommends using its supplements or aromatherapy products for at least two menstrual cycles. This period allows users to fully experience the benefits of the treatments.

Additionally, MenstrEaze offers a Care Program, personalized and tailored to your logged symptoms, driven by AI and scientific models. This program provides quick responses and long-term comfort strategies.

Are these home-based remedies?

Yes, we advocate for at-home and convenient improvements to enhance your menstrual comfort. We also offer solutions to support a variety of needs for working and other scenarios.

What are the return and shipping policies?

Please check our Return Policy and Shipping & Delivery Policy for details.

More questions?

Please check out the FAQs page.