Research Publications on Boron on Menstrual Health

Effects of boron supplementation on the severity and duration of pain in primary dysmenorrhea; Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 2015; Link

Considering Boron's purported anti-inflammatory properties, this triple-blind randomized clinical trial aimed to assess Boron supplementation's effects on menstrual pain severity and duration in female university students. Recruiting 113 participants, matched for dysmenorrhea severity and duration, they were randomly assigned to case (n=58) and control (n=55) groups. The case group received 10 mg/day Boron from two days before menstruation until its third day, while the control group received placebo capsules. Pain severity and duration were measured at baseline and over two menstrual cycles. Results showed significantly lower pain severity and duration in the Boron group post-intervention compared to controls (P < 0.05). The study suggests that Boron supplementation may alleviate menstrual pain by exerting anti-inflammatory effects, warranting further research to explore its hormonal and inflammatory biomarker effects in dysmenorrhea.