Research Publications on Dark Chocolate for Menstrual Health

Recent studies reveal dark chocolate may reduce menstrual pain and anxiety in late adolescents. Trials involving herbal ingredient combinations and music alongside dark chocolate showed effective pain alleviation, underscoring its potential as a beneficial intervention for dysmenorrhea.

Dark chocolate's effect on menstrual pain in late adolescents; Belitung Nursing Journal, 2017; Link

This study focused on the impact of dark chocolate on menstrual pain among late adolescents, employing a randomized pretest-posttest control group design. Conducted from September to November 2016 at Bhakti Husada Boarding School of Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang, 50 participants were divided equally into experimental and control groups through simple random sampling. Pain levels were assessed using the Numeric Rate Scale (NRS), and statistical analyses, including the independent t-test and Mann-Whitney test, were applied to evaluate the intervention's effectiveness. The findings revealed a significant reduction in menstrual pain levels in the group that received dark chocolate (mean pain level of 2.76) compared to the control group (mean pain level of 5.36), with a p-value of less than 0.001. The study concludes that dark chocolate significantly alleviates menstrual pain in late adolescents.

Effect of Combination of Dark Chocolate and Herbal Ingredients for Dysmenorrhea in Late Adolescents; Journal of Tropical Pharmacy and Chemistry, 2023; Link

This study investigated the efficacy of dark chocolate combined with herbal ingredients (turmeric, red ginger, moringa, sambiloto extract, and honey) in reducing menstrual pain among 30 respondents divided into three groups: a positive control group (K), a dark chocolate group (C), and a group receiving a combination of dark chocolate with herbs (C+H). The combination was administered as a 250 mL beverage. Utilizing a quasi-experimental design, the study quantitatively measured pain using the Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) before and 2 hours after the intervention. The results indicated a significant reduction in menstrual pain in the group receiving the dark chocolate and herbs combination (p < 0.05), leading to the conclusion that this mixture could be an effective therapy for dysmenorrhea.

The effect of dark chocolate and music on pain and anxiety in young women with primary dysmenorrhea: Randomized controlled trial; European Journal of Integrative Medicine, 2022; Link

This study assessed the effectiveness of music and dark chocolate in reducing pain and anxiety associated with primary dysmenorrhea (PD) among young women. In a non-blinded, randomized controlled trial, 90 nulliparous nursing students aged 18–25 with PD and a Visual Analog Scale (VAS) pain score of 5 or higher were divided into three groups: dark chocolate, music, and control. The study concluded with 84 participants due to dropouts. The intervention involved consuming dark chocolate for three days before and on the first day of menstruation, and listening to music for the same duration in the respective groups. Pain intensity and anxiety were measured using VAS and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) before and after the interventions. Results showed a significant reduction in menstrual pain and anxiety in the dark chocolate and music groups, with no notable changes in the control group. The study suggests that both dark chocolate and music can effectively alleviate menstrual pain and anxiety, indicating potential as nursing interventions for PD. Further research is suggested to solidify these findings.