Our Personal Journey

Welcome to MenstrEaze by Innovo Health Technologies Inc. We're nestled in Silicon Valley, committed to improving menstrual health and wellness.

MenstrEaze was born from our founder's personal challenge with menstrual cramps, transforming her pain into a vision for relief. Her dedication, coupled with her healthcare expertise, drove the creation of our solution. MenstrEaze is more than a product; it's the embodiment of empathy and innovation, offering respite to women experiencing menstrual discomfort globally.

Our Innovation

Innovation at MenstrEaze transcends typical health solutions, blending personal insight with scientific rigor and technology. Our Silicon Valley scientists utilize a scientific data engine to personalize menstrual health remedies, using research to meet individual needs.

MenstrEaze champions a holistic view, fusing our founder's natural wellness strategies with cutting-edge science for effective, user-friendly menstrual care. We strive to empower women to navigate menstrual health with ease and comfort, offering tailored support every step of the way.


Social Commitment

MenstrEaze stands firm in its commitment to advancing menstrual health, backing vital research, and fighting period poverty. We pledge to donate 1% of every purchase—excluding taxes and shipping—to key non-profits supporting women's health and research. This steadfast support amplifies our mission to address the gaps in women's health, ensuring a meaningful impact with every transaction.

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